I highly suggest not recommending the Windows 10 Refresh or Reset option on a machine that has recently been upgraded from Windows 7 or 8.1. Working help desk / IT support for a living I can tell you this has been a nightmare for myself and a lot of people, until Microsoft fixes whatever is wrong with the refresh option. Not only are you at danger of losing your files doing a reset, but your backup partition as well that came with Windows 8.1 computer. You’ll then be ready to restore any data backups you made before you performed the Windows 10 factory reset. If you want to get a clean start, free from rogue software and drivers, you usually don’t need to do a full install.

Depending on how you look at it and version of Windows you are running, factory settings can mean several things. "Keep my files" – here, Windows is reset; settings and installed programs are removed, but yourpersonal files are left in place.

Note that it only “restores” previous settings in the registry and Windows system files. It will also uninstall any applications that you might have installed after the restore point was created. For the most part, if you’re at this stage, your computer must be really in bad shape. My recommendation is to perform a clean install, which is better than restoring the factory image that you either get on DVD or that is located on a hidden partition in the hard drive.

How To Do A System Restore In Windows Xp

As mentioned before, a repair install won’t delete your personal files. System Restore is a built-in tool in Windows that allows you to roll back the system to a previous state.

If you’re scared to lose some data with a clean install, go for a repair install. System Restore is the safest, but usually can’t fix major malware infections. Lastly, there is a repair install, which basically replaces all of the Windows system files, but keeps your data intact.

  • Before you reset your system, you’ll want to back up important information that you don’t want to lose.
  • The manufacturer might have special partitions set up on the hard drive or might be able to provide a factory restore image.
  • Check your documentation or give technical support a call if you want to return your PC to how it was when you first pulled it out of the box.
  • Keep an eye out for a shortcut key that brings you to the recovery interface.

Use The Windows 10 Reset This Pc dll repair free Option

Instead, Windows 10 provides a built-in reset feature which takes your computer back to the way it was before you had any software, special devices or data preloaded. On a side note, if you’re giving your computer to someone else, resetting is a good way to wipe it. Again, you can also create a USB flash drive with Windows 10 on it, boot from that and reinstall that way. This will ensure you are installing the latest version of Windows and that it’s a clean version. Click on Update and Recovery at the bottom and then Recovery.

This is a good option if your system has become infected with a virus or malware you can’t remove, but your data is clean. Windows and all apps will be wiped, but your data will be kept. I’ll try to explain how you can perform each one of these methods in the article below. Oddly enough, I’ve been asked by many people recently how they can restore their computers to “factory settings”.

You might want to do this if your system is acting erratic, or something in Windows doesn’t work properly. Boot your computer with Windows 10/8 installation DVD. If you don’t have a install disc, you can use a working PC to download the ISO file from Microsoft and create a bootable USB drive for Windows Setup. As you can see, System Resore utility can help fix problems that might be making your computer run slowly or stop responding. System Restore does not affect any of your documents, pictures, or other personal files or data.

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If you want to perform a repair install of Windows 7, it’s a fairly complicated process. I suggest just copying your data off and performing a clean install, but if you really want to try to do a repair install, check out this step by step guide.